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(Parent/Teacher Organization)

1. Do I have to pay dues to belong to the PTO?

    No. Every GAP-PLC parent/guardian is automatically a member of our PTO.

2. Why is it called "GAP-PLC" PTO?

    Having a PTO helps to foster a sense of continuity and community between the school and home.

3. Does PTO have all the help they need with the officers?

    No. We always need your help no matter how big or how small. Our officers are only for a one year term.

    The PTO welcomes everyone, and continues to need parent volunteers for various events, fundraisers, and

    committees year-round. We need you!

4. DO PTO volunteers need to be at school during the day?

   Much of the PTO work can be done from home on your own schedule, or at events at night, or weekends. Yes,

   there is volunteering during the school day. But no one does it all, so choose what works best for you.

5. Why is PTO important?

    The PTO supports the educational goals of the school, and assists with attaining those goals through parent and

    community volunteerism. We want to help provide our students with a firs-class learning environment and the PTO

    helps make this possible by supporting our teachers, staff, students, parents and community. 

Gaining Academic Progress Pre-K and K Learning Center (GAP-PLC)

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