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Founder's Story:

Exactly what inspired the idea for Dr. Hicks to start this community based organization? Sitting in a restaurant with friends and one of them asked a retired principal, "How can we change or close the achievement gap for our minority students?" The retired principal answered by saying, "We must start at an early age."

After that comment, Dr. Hicks was puzzled and it bothered her for months. Finally, she came to her senses and said, "Katrina, you can start a school for children 3, 4, and 5 year olds." Ever since that day, she had a burning desire and vision to start a high quality early childhood educational learning center (Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and K).

Katrina Hicks, Ed. D.

Principal, GAP-PLC

Gaining Academic Progress Pre-K and K Learning Center (GAP-PLC)

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