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Message from the Principal:

The relationship between our school and our families are very important for the success of our children.

The success of your child can start with a few things that should happen every day.

1. Ask questions every day. If you start this kind of dialogue now, hopefully great discussions about

school and friends will last all the way through college.

2. Read every day. Read to your child, with your child, and let your child read to you. Make this a special

event each evening by choosing a special place and time with your child.

3. Practice math facts every day. This can be anytime, anywhere. You can count cars while you are

driving home or waiting at a stop light.

I cannot wait to see what great things your child will accomplish this year! 

Thank you.

Katrina Hicks, Ed. D.


Gaining Academic Progress Pre-K and K Learning Center (GAP-PLC)

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