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"2016" $100 PLUS CLUB"

This is how your donation will benefit the students. *It will provide a comprehensive Early Childhood Education program for at risk students.

All "2016" donations will support GAP-PLC. Thank You!

1. Dr. Maxine Hankins Cain


3. Mrs. Marcella Morin

4. Mrs. Marinell Stragger

5. Mrs. JoAnn Hayes

6. Ms. Juanita Johnson

7. Ms. Nicole Bates

8. Dr. Katrina Hicks

9. Mr. Aubrey Johnson

10. Dr. Annette Aron

11. Dr. Maxine Cain

12. Mr. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)

"2015" $100 PLUS CLUB"

1. Ms. Jill Strube

2. Dr. Annette Aron

3. Ms. Nicole Bates

4. Ms. Georgia Duke

5. Ms. Christine Day

6. Ms. Tammy Caesar

7. State Representative Elliott Naishtat

8. Ms. Sheryl Robinson

9. Dr. Maxine Hankins Cain

10. Dr. Katrina Hicks

11. Mr. James Riebeling, Jr.

12. Mr. Russell Korman Company, Inc.

13. APlus FCU-Ms. Latrice Bradshaw/Manager

14. Mrs. Sandy Peace

All donations will support GAP-PLC. Thank You!

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